Oyvind Svele

Øyvind Svele is an acknowledged Norwegian photographer working in all styles of photography from commercial, portraits, decorations but has profound passion for music and concert photography, being a musician himself.

He is best known for his collaboration with R.E.M and the R.E.M. Stavanger photographs, which the band released worldwide as official R.E.M. Fine Art Merchandise available from their official site

His entire R.E.M. series also reached a new level of success when they ended up in Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Macon, Georgia, USA, but also in the Library & Archives department in the world's biggest rock museum, the Cleveland Rock 'n´ Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

His photographs hang on the wall in the residences of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet of Metallica, as well as R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe's house in Athens, Georgia.

In 2011 He became the first rock photographer in the world to be purchased by the Statoil Art Program in Norway, which at present time is exhibiting his concert photo series of R.E.M. - 'Pictures at a Concert' - at their headquarters.

 "From my point of view, photography is the only tool in the world that can actually stop the clock, the idea of time, the pulse of humanity and the steps we take in life. And if you’re lucky you can get all these observations and memories compressed into one great picture."

Øyvind Svele travels and works worldwide.


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